Method Development KIT

Our new multi-phase method development kit is especially designed for research laboratories which require different type of chemistries and varied polarity during stationary phases.
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2.2um phases for faster analysis

Prontopearl stationary phases are designed for fast HPLC for achieving higher efficiency in short run time. Currently available in PRONTOSIL C18 ace-EPS and PRONTOSIL C18 SH chemistry


Chrombudget Columns

Economical and equally high quality product line to fulfill the basic requirements of every kind of laboratory, in the field of Food, Pharma, Environment
‚Äčand Chemical


Application Support

Should you need support or consultation, our team of experts will provide you the necessary support and address your queries related to analysis. Provide us your sample and some basic details and we will suggest the most suitable column chemistry, and / or modified method for your critical analysis.
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